“Crowds and Barriers”
A collaborative project of animated monotypes by Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith

This is an exhibition of work by Claire Fouquet,animator and professor at EESI, École européenne supérieure de l¹image (European School of Visual Arts) Angoulême & Poitiers, France and Patty Smith, Associate Professor, Fine Arts/Printmaking, Uarts. The two artists have been working together for in the edition studio for the past two weeks on the 6th floor of Anderson to produce monotypes that were then translated into a brief animation. Both the
prints and animation will be on view.

October 8th to October 10th 2012

printmaking Gallery

6th floor, Anderson, the University of the Arts

333 South Broad Street,  Philadelphia PA, USA

The animation’s soundtrack is provided by Rumble, the Bucket Ensemble of The University of the Arts under the direction of Marc Dicciani.