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Blocks are carved. Let’s try this beautiful red woodblock press!

Here we are! Isn’t that a nice studio to work in for two weeks ?

As we were on a rush we decided to work in teams to produce our 15 monotypes for our artists’ book, GEOLOGY/GENEALOGY. Here is Denise Carbone and Patty Smith working. the second team, Claire Fouquet + Aubrey DiDonato, worked in parrallel in the 5th floor studio.

Claire and Patty working on the prints for Geology/Genealogy.

Denise Carbone,Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith are working on the book Geology/Genealogy. The images are monotypes and the text is letterpress.

Patty Smith’s and Clair Fouquet’s prints and artists books were displayed at the A.I.R. Gallery booth during the EDITIONS/ARTISTS’ BOOKS FAIR 2015 that was held at The Tunnel in New York’s Chelsea November 5 – 8 during Print Week. It coincided with IFPDA’s Print Fair. Read more at

Patty Smith with A.I.R. artists and J. Bateman.

Prints on display at the A.I.R. booth during the EAB fair in Chelsea NYC

Monet’s garden. A brief visit and moment of inspiration.

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