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Denise Carbone,Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith are working on the book Geology/Genealogy. The images are monotypes and the text is letterpress.

Patty Smith’s and Clair Fouquet’s prints and artists books were displayed at the A.I.R. Gallery booth during the EDITIONS/ARTISTS’ BOOKS FAIR 2015 that was held at The Tunnel in New York’s Chelsea November 5 – 8 during Print Week. It coincided with IFPDA’s Print Fair. Read more at

Patty Smith with A.I.R. artists and J. Bateman.

Prints on display at the A.I.R. booth during the EAB fair in Chelsea NYC

The Exhibition READ ME is in the 633, IFA Printmaking gallery at the University of the Arts, 333 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, and will run through November 6th. The reception is on Friday, October 30th from 5-7 PM. The show was curated by book artist and author, Susan Viguers. The artist’s book ET SI NOUS ALLIONS DE L’AUTRE CÔTÉ by Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith is included in the exhibition. Patty Smith’s book, HOURS is also included.



Read me

Read me



We are working with artist Denise Carbone on a book for an exhibition that we have been invited to participate in. The exhibition will take place in France, 2016. The works included are to be non-traditional structures. Denise is a master at this! The structure we are working with was invented by our friend and colleague, Hedi Kyle. Claire, Denise, and Patty will come together in January in Philadelphia to complete the piece. In the meantime we skype and send images between Philadelphia and Paris.

book dummy

book dummy

Monet’s garden. A brief visit and moment of inspiration.

Claire and Patty are working in Paris on the english version of their artist’s book “de l’autre côté” (The Other Side). The little white version is our current dummy.

If we go to the other side is an accordion book that offers the viewer an invitation to travel to the other side of fabricated borders, and to the other side of the page. What do we encounter when we arrive on the other side? Our fears and barriers become opportunities and discoveries as our journey and the book unfold.

« Si nous allions de l’autre côté » est un livre-accordéon qui invite le lecteur à un voyage de l’autre côté des frontières, de l’autre côté de la page. Qu’allons-nous trouver de l’autre côté ? Alors que notre voyage se déroule et que le livre se déplie, nos peurs initiales laissent la place aux belles découvertes.

10×14 cm, Rives light weight, lithography, small edition of 5.

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Delires de Livres, an exhibition of Artists’books, opened on May 2nd, 2015 at Collegiate Saint André, Chartres, France. The exhibition was organized by Chantal and Paul Leibenguth and their team.
Since 2005 the exhibition has become the must-see Biennale for artists’ book enthusiasts and collectors.

Several thousand viewers came from all over France this year to enjoy this comprehensive exhibition in the beautiful space in Chartres. There were over three hundred books by one hundred and sixty artists, designers and writers, from France and abroad. Twelve countries were represented. All the artists responded to the theme of the exhibition “Et si nous allions”… (“if we were to go”…) The work ranged from very small books to large video installation and were created from various materials, paper, wood, fabric , glass, ceramics ….

Patty smith and Claire Fouquet exhibited their collaborative book De L’autre Côté.
The exhibition was on view From April 25th to the May 17th, 2015   IMG_7001IMG_7006

du 25 avril au 17 mai 2015 a eu lieu l’exposition de Livres Objets et Livres d’artistes “Délires de Livres”

organisée par Chantal et Paul Leibenguth et son équipe.

Depuis 2005 l’exposition « délires de livres » est devenue la Biennale incontournable pour les créateurs, les amateurs et les collectionneurs de Livres-Objets et de livres d’artistes. Le public, plusieurs milliers cette année converge de toute la France pour découvrir toutes ces créations.

160 créateurs de livres venus de France et d’ailleurs: 12 pays représentés. Plus de 300 œuvres, des livres hors normes du petit format à la grande installation vidéo, des matériaux divers: papier mais aussi, bois, tissus, verre, céramique…. vernissage a eu lieu le 2 mai 2015 à 11 h 30 Collégiale Saint André – Chartres-France

IMG_7096 IMG_7094 IMG_7060IMG_7054 IMG_7034

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