Here is a little editing of the work in progress of the show Obstacle Illusion that will be held in decmber at the Merriam Theater, South broad street, Philadelphia.

I edited some part the video of the animation that will be projected and the footage of one of the last rehearsal of the show Obstacle Illusion. The dancers are rehearsing on the live music played by Rumble. The white boards are representing the printed banners that would be hanged on stage. The animation will be projected on the dancers, banners and screen backdrop
Music by S.Peterson and R. Webb played by Rumble, bucket ensemble directed by M. Dicciani. Choreograhy by J.E Kim. Prints and Animation by P. Smith and C.Fouquet with the help of M.Loeb and J.Smith

Obstacle Illusion Work in Progress from claire fouquet on Vimeo.