This is a first glance of the collaborative performance “Obstacle Illusion” that was held at the Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 13th and 14th of December 2013. A more complete version of the film documenting the performance is in progress.

Costumes by LeVonne Lindsay

Choreography by J.E. Kim
Steven Apicello, Alexandra Behrins, Arianna Bickle, Stepanie Carlos, Carly Cerasuolo, Kristal Daniels, Nicole Girroir, Wendell Gray, Brendan Hogg, Nicole Keeshin, Kelsey Ludwig, Kleionne McDavid, Mary Grace McNally, Arielle Pina, Heather Rhea, Ibn Snell, Caitlin Solazzo, Jermaine Turnbow, Jacob VanHorn

music by Rumble. Rumble is a University-wide student-coordinated collaborative ensemble, coached by Marc Dicciani

music composed by Sean Petersen and Robert Webb
Reshma Anwar (dance major), Eddie Babin (composition major), Ashley Burkart (music business major), Sean Cahill (music business major), Andrea Chunko (music business major), Lauren Delucca (music business major), Dimitris Dodoras (foreign exchange student), Aidan Doyle (creative writing major), Nicholas Huhn, Tyler Lyons (music business major), Lea McNamara (vocal major), Ariel Michaels (vocal major), Marina Oney (music business major), Sean Petersen (composition major), Marguerite Recupero (theater major), Trevor Rogers (drumset major), Derek Sattazahn (drumset major), Zane Shields (drumset major), James Taylor (music business major), Kyle Townsend, Emily Vaughn (dance major), Robert Webb (drumset major).

visuals by Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet

Studio Assistants:
Aubrey Didonato ‘14, Rebecca Davies (MFA) ’11, Nick Farina ‘14 , Erin Smith Schwartz, Meghan Toth ‘14

Animation assistants:
Meghan Loeb ‘15 , Janelle Smith ‘10

Documentary film:
Jessica Giacobbe ‘14 , Sarah Smith Schwartz ‘10, Joanna ’10