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Et voilà ! Here is it on display at show Délires de Livres. Come and see !

from the 22th of March to the 8th of April 2016

Animation + Printmaking
Grey Box Gallery. 
University of Oregon,
24 NW 1st Ave. Portland,
Portland, OR, USA

Vernissage : 31th of March  17h – 19h at the WhiteBox Gallery

Curation : Marilyn Zornado and Barb Tetenbaum

Crowds and Barriers will be part of the show at the Grey Box Gallery. It will also be screened  continuously at the Pacific Northwest College of Art during the SGCI (Southern Graphic Council International)

Original music by Marc Dicciani, performed by the bucket ensemble of the University of the Arts, Rumble.

french version here :

Wood blocks are finally in the right place !

Envoyé de mon iPod

Printing the artist’s book GEOLOGY/GENEALOGY.

The Exhibition READ ME is in the 633, IFA Printmaking gallery at the University of the Arts, 333 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, and will run through November 6th. The reception is on Friday, October 30th from 5-7 PM. The show was curated by book artist and author, Susan Viguers. The artist’s book ET SI NOUS ALLIONS DE L’AUTRE CÔTÉ by Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith is included in the exhibition. Patty Smith’s book, HOURS is also included.



Read me

Read me



We are working with artist Denise Carbone on a book for an exhibition that we have been invited to participate in. The exhibition will take place in France, 2016. The works included are to be non-traditional structures. Denise is a master at this! The structure we are working with was invented by our friend and colleague, Hedi Kyle. Claire, Denise, and Patty will come together in January in Philadelphia to complete the piece. In the meantime we skype and send images between Philadelphia and Paris.

book dummy

book dummy

In the fall of 2014 Claire Fouquet and Patty Smith created work for the Window on Broad, an installation space connected to the Rosenwald Wolf gallery, The University of the Arts, on the Avenue of the Arts (S. Broad Street) in Philadelphia. The installation incorporated banners, large format decals, film and animation. The work is based on monotypes and collagraphs made by Fouquet and Smith in Paris and Philadelphia. Projected on the printed banners was a film by Sarah Schwartz of the performance Obstacle illusion (see post below) including some of the originals animation by Claire Fouquet.


The Window on Broad est une installation réalisée dans et pour l’espace d’installation donnant sur la rue de la Gallerie Rosenthal-Wolf à The University of the Arts, Philadelphie, USA. Située au coeur de la ville sur South Broad Street, l’avenue des théâtres et du Kimmel Center qui mène à la mairie, cette installation fut on-site jour et nuit pendant deux semaines en octobre 2014.

The University of the Arts, on the Avenue of the Arts (S. Broad Street) in Philadelphia :

IMG_1721Les images animées scintillants derrière l’impression grand format partiellement transparente a pour but d’intriguer les passants et de les amener à se rapprocher de la barrière transparente pour en voir plus et ainsi la traverser de leur regard.

WindowOnBroad_03L’installation est composée d’un décalcomanie grand format cachant partiellement l’installation de bannières imprimées sur lesquelles est projetée une vidéo par Sarah Swartz. Celle-ci mêle la vidéo du spectacle Obstacle Illusion qui eu lieu au Merriam Theater en 2013 et les animations originales de Claire Fouquet réalisées à partir des monotypes que cette dernière réalisa avec Patty Smith à Paris et à Philadelphie.


Claire and Patty are working in Paris on the english version of their artist’s book “de l’autre côté” (The Other Side). The little white version is our current dummy.

If we go to the other side is an accordion book that offers the viewer an invitation to travel to the other side of fabricated borders, and to the other side of the page. What do we encounter when we arrive on the other side? Our fears and barriers become opportunities and discoveries as our journey and the book unfold.

« Si nous allions de l’autre côté » est un livre-accordéon qui invite le lecteur à un voyage de l’autre côté des frontières, de l’autre côté de la page. Qu’allons-nous trouver de l’autre côté ? Alors que notre voyage se déroule et que le livre se déplie, nos peurs initiales laissent la place aux belles découvertes.

10×14 cm, Rives light weight, lithography, small edition of 5.

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