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Delires de Livres, an exhibition of Artists’books, opened on May 2nd, 2015 at Collegiate Saint André, Chartres, France. The exhibition was organized by Chantal and Paul Leibenguth and their team.
Since 2005 the exhibition has become the must-see Biennale for artists’ book enthusiasts and collectors.

Several thousand viewers came from all over France this year to enjoy this comprehensive exhibition in the beautiful space in Chartres. There were over three hundred books by one hundred and sixty artists, designers and writers, from France and abroad. Twelve countries were represented. All the artists responded to the theme of the exhibition “Et si nous allions”… (“if we were to go”…) The work ranged from very small books to large video installation and were created from various materials, paper, wood, fabric , glass, ceramics ….

Patty smith and Claire Fouquet exhibited their collaborative book De L’autre Côté.
The exhibition was on view From April 25th to the May 17th, 2015   IMG_7001IMG_7006

du 25 avril au 17 mai 2015 a eu lieu l’exposition de Livres Objets et Livres d’artistes “Délires de Livres”

organisée par Chantal et Paul Leibenguth et son équipe.

Depuis 2005 l’exposition « délires de livres » est devenue la Biennale incontournable pour les créateurs, les amateurs et les collectionneurs de Livres-Objets et de livres d’artistes. Le public, plusieurs milliers cette année converge de toute la France pour découvrir toutes ces créations.

160 créateurs de livres venus de France et d’ailleurs: 12 pays représentés. Plus de 300 œuvres, des livres hors normes du petit format à la grande installation vidéo, des matériaux divers: papier mais aussi, bois, tissus, verre, céramique…. vernissage a eu lieu le 2 mai 2015 à 11 h 30 Collégiale Saint André – Chartres-France

IMG_7096 IMG_7094 IMG_7060IMG_7054 IMG_7034

Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet are exhibiting collaborative Monotypes in the Galerie Monod in Paris, France.

The work exhibited was  produced in Paris and in Philadelphia In the summer and fall of 2014. The series is the latest iteration of an ongoing collaboration that has produced animation for stage performance, film, artists’ books and prints. Fouquet and Smith have worked together since 2012. The monotypes in the exhibition unite the concepts techniques and marks of each artist. This series, entitled geology/genealogy, comments visually on the contribution individuals from diverse cultures make to the “landscape” of the places and people  they touch. The exhibition will run from March 2 to March 14, 2015.

Patty Smith et Claire Fouquet exposent leurs oeuvres à quatre mains à la Gallerie Monod à Paris.

Celle ci ont été réalisées à paris et Philadelphie pendant l’été et l’automne 2014. Cette série est la dernière itération d’une collaboration fructueuse qui a commencé en 2012. Chaque monotype réunis le style et sujets de prédilection de chaque artiste. Intitulée Géologie/Généalogie cette série montre visuellement comment chaque individu de différentes culture, pose sa marque et participe à créer le paysage, réel ou psychologique, des endroits et des gens qu’ils côtoient.

L’exposition se tient Gallerie Monod, 16 rue d’Ouessant, du 2 au 14 mars 2015.

Tous les jours sauf dimanche de 13h30 à 18h30

carton smith IMG_2386   IMG_2378IMG_2392IMG_2403        IMG_2205           IMG_2273 IMG_2267

Obstacle Illusion 26 Obstacle Illusion 25 Obstacle Illusion 19 Obstacle Illusion 10 Obstacle Illusion 01Obstacle Illusion Performance's pictures

Some insight of the show held at the Merriam Theatre in decembre. The final editing is coming soon.

This is a first glance of the collaborative performance “Obstacle Illusion” that was held at the Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 13th and 14th of December 2013. A more complete version of the film documenting the performance is in progress.

Costumes by LeVonne Lindsay

Choreography by J.E. Kim
Steven Apicello, Alexandra Behrins, Arianna Bickle, Stepanie Carlos, Carly Cerasuolo, Kristal Daniels, Nicole Girroir, Wendell Gray, Brendan Hogg, Nicole Keeshin, Kelsey Ludwig, Kleionne McDavid, Mary Grace McNally, Arielle Pina, Heather Rhea, Ibn Snell, Caitlin Solazzo, Jermaine Turnbow, Jacob VanHorn

music by Rumble. Rumble is a University-wide student-coordinated collaborative ensemble, coached by Marc Dicciani

music composed by Sean Petersen and Robert Webb
Reshma Anwar (dance major), Eddie Babin (composition major), Ashley Burkart (music business major), Sean Cahill (music business major), Andrea Chunko (music business major), Lauren Delucca (music business major), Dimitris Dodoras (foreign exchange student), Aidan Doyle (creative writing major), Nicholas Huhn, Tyler Lyons (music business major), Lea McNamara (vocal major), Ariel Michaels (vocal major), Marina Oney (music business major), Sean Petersen (composition major), Marguerite Recupero (theater major), Trevor Rogers (drumset major), Derek Sattazahn (drumset major), Zane Shields (drumset major), James Taylor (music business major), Kyle Townsend, Emily Vaughn (dance major), Robert Webb (drumset major).

visuals by Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet

Studio Assistants:
Aubrey Didonato ‘14, Rebecca Davies (MFA) ’11, Nick Farina ‘14 , Erin Smith Schwartz, Meghan Toth ‘14

Animation assistants:
Meghan Loeb ‘15 , Janelle Smith ‘10

Documentary film:
Jessica Giacobbe ‘14 , Sarah Smith Schwartz ‘10, Joanna ’10

Here is a little editing of the work in progress of the show Obstacle Illusion that will be held in decmber at the Merriam Theater, South broad street, Philadelphia.

I edited some part the video of the animation that will be projected and the footage of one of the last rehearsal of the show Obstacle Illusion. The dancers are rehearsing on the live music played by Rumble. The white boards are representing the printed banners that would be hanged on stage. The animation will be projected on the dancers, banners and screen backdrop
Music by S.Peterson and R. Webb played by Rumble, bucket ensemble directed by M. Dicciani. Choreograhy by J.E Kim. Prints and Animation by P. Smith and C.Fouquet with the help of M.Loeb and J.Smith

Obstacle Illusion Work in Progress from claire fouquet on Vimeo.

Exhibition in Paducah, Kentucky

landscape with barrier

This collaborative work evolved into an expanded notion of barriers, not only physical but also psychological. The process of collaboration also presents its own barriers. The challenge was in making the individual personal aesthetics merge; in overcoming the lack of knowledge or self-confidence when dealing with each other’s field of expertise; in following a new direction through partnership; and in discovering the partner’s artistic personality. The artists lead each other to explore unfamiliar fields. The process reflects the concept, asking the questions; what prevents us from getting to where we want to go ? What do we hope to discover, achieve, acquire if we break through the barrier and arrive

Puis le travail de collaboration a évolué dans une notion élargie de barrières, non seulement physiques mais aussi psychologiques. Le processus de collaboration présente également ses propres barrières. Le défi consiste à faire en sorte que l’esthétique personnelle de chacune se confondent en une seule ; à surmonter le manque de connaissances ou de confiance en soi lorsqu’il s’agit d’explorer le domaine d’expertise de l’autre ; à suivre une nouvelle direction grâce au partenariat et à la découverte des personnalités artistiques du partenaire. Le processus reflète le concept : qu’est ce qui nous empêche de se rendre où nous voulons aller ? Que voulons-nous découvrir, réaliser, acquérir si nous brisons et surmontons cette barrière ? Quel paysage intérieur allons nous découvrir chez nous et chez l’autre ? Quelle sortes de strates géologique allons nous trouver sous la surface ?

Mirage and Illusion is a development of the theme of Barriers, questioning the perception of forces that  bring up the psychological and perceived barriers to achievement. Two series of monoprints using embossing have been created for an experimental animation on a excerpt of music by Francois Bayle, famous french electro-accoustic music composer.

Mirage et Illusion est un développement du thème des barrières. Utilisant le gaufrage qui est très spécifique à la gravure, il s’agit de rendre la barrière présente tout en étant subtile, perceptible selon la lumière et l’attention portée. Ce travail questionne notre perception et la conscience que nous avons des barrières psychologiques qui nous bloquent. Deux séries de monotypes ont été créées pour réaliser un film d’animation expérimental sur un extrait d’une composition musicale de François Bayle, un des pères fondateur de la musique électro-acoustique en France.


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